Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dramatic Norwegian Kid

Well how would you react if someone unfairly took away your PS3!?

The original unedited one is here.


  1. If this was my child, I would be deeply disturbed. Talk about sleeping with one eye open....

  2. I was forewarned that this would be funny. While I do see the humor in this I'm going to jump on the ole soapbox for a second here. That child is behaving like a child. He should be upset and should squeal and cry, etc. But how would you feel if the people responsible for teaching you how to deal with your emotions and to how consider the consequences for your bad behavior mocked you from behind a camera? He goes from being upset to really angry. They are teasing and kinda bullying him. I understand why he calls cameraman a "jerk." I'm not saying he's right but given his shift in emotional state, and no guidance on how to deal with his emotions, he only yells out jerk.

    I have to say I'm weary of viral videos of kids because the adults usually aren't acting responsibly either. I'm a bit turned off by parents doing this for entertainment.

    And then there are many that kid videos with reasonable adults that are hilarious. Not this one though. So I get how this is funny, but I'm not inclined to laugh.

    Climbing off the soapbox.