Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Neverending Story (Office Edition)

Neverending Story

He he he he he he he . . .

Get out of my head internets!!!

Of course, in my version I *ahem* fill out those tights a little better...

That movie was the shiz back then in my young mind! I recall running around the house screaming "Atreyu!!!" and generally driving my folks nuts. To this day I still wish for a Luckdragon to swoop in and take me away. Sigh...

I must also admit to liking this '84 hit probably a little too much when it first came out. Hey, didja know it's performed by Limahl, lead singer of Kajagoogoo!?

Now ya know...

The Origin of Swine Flu

swine flu
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twilight. With Cheeseburgers

Not surprisingly, I enjoyed the trailer for this Twilight spoof much more than the actual feature film.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock out with your Spock Out!


I think this is the first time I've seen music classified as "Star Trek Sex Rock" but OK, I'll roll with it...

Check out the band Warp 11's promo for their new CD "I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They have Vulcans in Hell."

Featuring the classics:
  • Sulu
  • Baby Take Me to Your Nuclear Wessle
  • Jim Beam Me up
  • Fully Functional
  • I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They have Vulcans in Hell

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Naked Wizard Tasered at Coachella


Just a side note- I have been waiting for the day to use some variation of this headline, so Thank You drunk hippies!

OK, so the The Coachella Music and Arts Festival was this past weekend. I've been before, but I never have I seen anything so amusing on the grounds.

I think for his last big trick he made his junk disappear....

Perhaps he used the good ole 'Hockity pockity whockity whack, abrakadabra dabraknack, shrink in size, very small, we've got to save enough room for all' spell from Disney's The Sword in the Stone.

If only people DID break out into Sound of Music every now and then...

Sound of Music

OK, OK - I know this has been getting a lot of attention the past few weeks, and I wasn't planning on posting it, but what can I say? It grew on me. It's a publicity stunt for a local reality show, but that doesn't bug me at all. It's kinda refreshing to see people express their joy and talent and make those around them happy for a brief period.

Almost 200 people took over Antwerpen's Centraal Station in Belgium and did a carefully choreographed dance to the Do Re Mi song (aka Maria's Dance aka Maria's Song) from Sound of Music.

Enjoy, If you haven't already:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interesting Stock Photo

I'm not sure what kinda project would involve purchasing a stock photo like this, but I DO think I would wanna be involved in it.

old man computer

Via - memeparty

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 420 Day

bag of weed

I woulda posting something earlier, but I've been celebrating all day.

Well.. I must go on a taco run now.

And Oreos.

I must have some Oreos...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Eyed Monster - the Movie

Wow. This is real!? Seriously!?

A horror movie where Ron Jeremy's junk is the 'monster!? OKaaay...

When a ferocious blizzard strands the cast and crew of an adult film shoot, the ragtag band of eccentric heroes must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien menace which has literally possessed the casts largest member -- Ron Jeremy (naturally)
After slaying Ron, his detached penis embarks on a spree of carnal carnage on a colossal scale. With the help of a half-crazed Vietnam vet (Russ Meyer legend Charles Napier), haunted by his own wartime experience with this alien fiend, the race is on to trap and destroy this penile predator before there are more victims of its vicious, utterly unique method of murder.

Starring adult film legends Ron Jeremy & Veronica Hart and Buffy The Vampire Slayer pin-up Amber Benson, One Eyed Monster is an outrageous and spectacular homage to the classic sci-fi horror of "Alien" and "The Thing". Its also a thrilling, throbbing, thoroughly depraved comedy which dares to invade the parts other aliens can only dream of!

I will make a concerted effort not to watch this, but the trailer is highly amusing for all the wrong reasons...

Cows Appear Unimpressed

Amusing Response to Anti-gay Marriage Argument

There have been a tons of 'RE: Gay Marriage' messages posted in the past several weeks, but this one is by far the most head-scratchingly amusing one I've seen so far.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Cats Bitter Disappointment

I doubt the little guy's reaction was due to him being overcome by disappointment, but it's still mildly amusing. And besides... It's less than 25 seconds; so just watch already.

Thank John Waters for Teabagging Snickers

John Waters

There's been a lot of talk of "teabagging" lately and, as immature as I am, I snicker with every mention. Plus, hey, you know how much fun it is!?

Now the term has been around for quite a while, but I think you can blame and/or thank John Waters for introducing it into American slang via his 1998 film 'Pecker' starring Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci.

Check out the hilarious clip below where Pecker visits a gay bar and gets to see teabagging firsthand.

PS - I'll watch anything with Martha Plimpton in it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Last “Half-Blood Prince” Trailer

Look. It may be uncool to really be anticipating this movie at my age, but I've chosen to just let my geek flag fly and embrace it. I also particularly liked this book. You know, it's the one where you-know-who kills you-know-who that got everyone's panties in a bunch...

Coming To Terms

Check out the newest NSFW video from Robert James Hoffman, aka Punchrobert.

You might remember this previous post where he was looking for his 'soulmate'.

You gotta check this one out. Highly amusing.

Jazz Hands!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Diff'rent Score to Diff'rent Strokes

FINALLY someone has scored the opening of this frightening 80's sitcom in the manner to which I felt about it.

I mean, come on... Who wasn't forever paranoid that a bike shop owner was going to give you wine and drugs and then touch you in your bathing suit area!? I still get chills...

Anderson Cooper - "It's Hard to Talk When You're Teabagging"

I'm sure Anderson Cooper knows what she's talking about...

Bo Obama: America's First Openly Gay White House Dog

America can't stop talking about Bo Obama, the 6-month-old Portuguese water dog, the Obamas gave to their daughters. He was a gift from the Kennedy family, and came pre-trained: Bo already sits, shakes, rolls over and Twitters.

The Daily Show, after a week off for the holidays, returned last night and got in on the Bo coverage, announcing that he is in fact the first (openly) gay White House dog.

- Alex Leo

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Road to the Doghouse - Bo Obama
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"Internet Symphony" Global Mash Up

YouTube presents the world premiere of the Tan Dun composition "Internet Symphony, Eroica" as selected and mashed up from thousands of video submissions from around the globe.

Check out more @

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Voca People

Well this is bizarre, but a little on the interesting side....

The Voca People are an international vocal theater performance troop that combine vocal sounds and acapella singing with the art of modern beat-box to imitate the sounds of drums, trumpets, guitars and other instruments and musical affects without using any musical instrument on stage.

Worth a watch. You can visit their official website here.

Disgusting Domino's Workers

Now I know these horrible people don't represent all food service workers, but it terrifies me to see stuff like this. I'm forever paranoid about 'special ingredients' in my food.

This video was posted yesterday and has already been taken down once, so watch it while you can.

4/15 UPDATE: The internet wins again! Viewers of the video tracked down the location based on visual clues within it and alerted not only management, but corporate as well. Read about it here.

BK's Texican Whopper - The Taste of Texas with a Little Spicy Mexican

Texican Whopper
Via the AP -

Mexico is protesting what it says is a whopper of an insult.

An advertisement for Burger King's Texican Whopper burger that has run in Europe shows a small wrestler dressed in a cape resembling a Mexican flag. The wrestler teams up with a lanky American cowboy almost twice his height to illustrate the cross-border blend of flavors.

"The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican," a narrator's voice says.

The taller cowboy boosts the wrestler up to reach high shelves and helps clean tall windows, while the Mexican helps the cowboy open a jar.

Mexico's ambassador to Spain said Monday he has written a letter to Burger King's offices in that nation objecting to the ad and asking that it be removed. Jorge Zermeno told Radio Formula that the ads "improperly use the stereotyped image of a Mexican."

Press officials at Burger King Corp. offices in Miami, Florida, and Madrid, Spain, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Burger King is known for its signature Whopper hamburger.

One of the things that most angered Mexican officials was a print edition of the ad showing the wrestler wearing what appear to be a Mexican flag as a cloak.

"We have to tell these people that in Mexico we have a great deal of respect for our flag," Zermeno said.

Mexico has very strict rules about using the flag. In 2008, the government fined a foreign-owned publishing house, Random House Mondadori SA, for showing disrespect to the country's flag in a video posted online.

The video showed a literature fan wearing a Mexican flag like a cape as he barges into a book signing and rips a piece of cloth from the coat of Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

It is not the first time that fast-food outlets have offended Mexican sensibilities.

Mexicans and other Hispanics in the United States objected to a Taco Bell ad from the 1990s that featured a pint-sized talking Chihuahua that spoke with a Mexican accent.

Check out the offending commercial below...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Frumpy (but Fab) Lady Sings Les Mis

Susan Boyle
On this weekend's Britain's Got Talent, 48-year-old Susan Boyle took the stage and served some much needed triumph of the human spirit.

She always dreamed of becoming a professional singer, and when she walked out on the stage of the TV show Britain’s Got Talent, no one expected her to do well, including the judges, whose smiles were wiped off their face after the first note.

Miss Boyle told presenters Ant and Dec that she lived alone with just her cat Pebbles for company. She said: ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never even been kissed.’

She then stomped across the stage and began clumsily gyrating her hips towards the judges, prompting laughter from the audience. - source

But you can’t always depend on first impressions!

Check it out, It'll make you smile.

Total Pirates Killed by Each President

OK, Barack. That is kinda badass-ish...

Via - bigcrush

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Midgets vs Mascots

I'm not sure how this movie has slipped under my radar for so long, but the trailer for this upcoming movie (which premiers this month at the Tribeca Film Festival) is so brilliantly wrong, so brilliantly funny, and so filled classic one-liners I, for one, cannot wait to see it. Bonus points for Gary Coleman finally getting a sense of humor!

From the official website:
In this "Borat" meets "Jackass" shockumentary, 5 little people and 5 mascots battle for $1 million apiece in competitions like "how few insults does it take to get punched in a bar", and "alligator wrestling". Gary Coleman, leading the littles as himself, is a comedic freight train (or train wreck) as he gets into actual fist fights with mascots, coaches and even Scottie Pippen. Like "Borat", much of the film is shot "guerilla improv" as they surprise unsuspecting bystanders when the teams crash restaurants, bars and neighborhoods during outrageous competitions.

Check out the highly amusing and NSFW trailer:

And, of course, I can't leave out this Midget Shower Fight:


Friday, April 10, 2009

I think I found him!

where's waldo

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Adam Lambert gets Bill O'Reilly Excited

Adam Lambert

So waaaay back in early January I posted some pre-Idol gossip with news of this Adam Lambert kid. I though he was kinda interesting given some of the unique YouTube clips he had out there before the show.

I'm certainly not a fan now that the show has gotten going, but I know a lot of the buzz is already calling him this season's winner. I like that young that little Mexican girl with the red hair btw...

Anyhow, Bill O'Reilly seamed to get all hot and bothered about Adam Lambert's gay kiss photos this past week on his show. It was highly amusing

On the internet, there are embarrassing pictures of Mr. Lambert. These pictures, that hint that he is gay, will they have an effect on this program which is a cultural phenomenon in America? asked O'Reilly.

You think!? I doubt it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Japanese Gameshow VS Super Mario

Super Mario Bros

Yes, Yes... we've all seen a lot of odd things from foreign game shows but I bet they look at some of ours and prolly think we're the wack jobs. Anyhow, sometimes their unusual creativity borders on genius. This is one of those times.

This video brings the popular video game Super Mario Bros into live action. It's incredibly well executed and witty, and even brings Obama in on the fun for some reason.

Don't really care why. I enjoyed it!

This Guy Really Makes a Mistake

Sometimes the titles of these YouTube videos really do say it all...

Why Boys Need Parents has a hilarious collection of boys being boys. With some digging, I could prolly add a few from my own personal collection of childhood pics... but meh, that smacks of effort...

I've placed some of my favorites below but be sure to check them all out here.

drunk dad
boys being boys
boys being boys
face plant

I'm Disturbed by This

Deeply disturbed...

Minnie Mouse

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hilariously NSFW BRUNO Trailer

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen

Check out the trailer for this July's new Sacha Baron Cohen film, Bruno.

His gay Austrian fashion reporter takes the same offensive reality path as Borat did three years ago, only with more nudity, dildos, and at least for now, an NC-17.

Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

OK, I'm certainly no movie critic, but I did want to share with you one of the best new movies I've seen in a while.

The same week Twilight came out on DVD this vastly superior vampire flick, Let the Right One In, was released. This Swedish import is based on the 2004 vampire fiction novel Låt den rätte komma in by writer John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Like many foreign films, it can be a little 'slow' for American audiences at times, but I highly recommend curling up on your couch and getting lost in the very intriguing story.

Check out the trailer below of visit the official website.

Ferrets - Sleeping, not dead.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Google Announces Gmail Autopilot!

Every year Google does some sort of new 'feature' for April Fool's.

This year's is the hilarious Gmail Autopilot which you can read all about on the official Google help page.

Even more amusing is the homepage of the alleged 'creator': CADIE

Be sure to check it it out because it's full off LOLs and will keep you busy exploring the world of this very creative Panda....


Happy April Fools Day!

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days.

Here's the deal: A few weeks back I was in a complicated fiasco turned out to just the beginning of a horrible sequence of events. As a result of spending an entire day drinkin' at restaurants and bars with friends, I ended up losing not just my keys, but my wallet as well. The week after was spent sorting out all the credit card, ID, and new-locks-on-the-door BS.

To make it worse, this past weekend my computer got infected with a really nasty and aggressive virus that took days to remove. I work from home remotely, so that was a big deal.

Oh, but it get's better... On Sunday, my car's transmission gave out so there's that too...

So yeah... been a fun couple of weeks.

But things are looking up: I got the virus thing all sorted out, so I guess I'm back up and runnin' and I think there's good chance my car's transmission will still be under warranty so this year's Aprils Fools Day looks like might a good one for me. Yay!