Monday, January 26, 2009

Giants Fan in Shambles

Wow. I thought the Hysterical American Idol Girls were sore losers.

This guy is seriously in shambles over the NY Giants loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The dude's histrionics are enough to make this vid full of win, but his friends NSFW reaction at 1:30 in is seriously priceless (and EXACTLY what I would have done)....


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  1. I'm a Giants fan and anyone who is a Giants, Eagles (eww, gross!), or Cowboys fan understands the deliciousness of the NFC East rivalry. If a grown man is devastated because his NFC East team loses he is entitled to display his loss in proportion to his passion; and fans in this conference are never short on passion. But this guy, this friggin' guy... get the hell out of my conference! Like your friend at the 1:30 mark, I'm gonna have to demand that you keep your inner 8 y/o girl inside where she belongs. We all have one and reserve her appearance for funerals; funerals of immediate family members.

  2. I agree. The 1:30 event *should* have happened at the :05 mark, but then we wouldn't have this gem.

  3. um, yeah. how much booze was consumed during the game?