Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fight Scientology. Buy ShamWows!

Yes, I know it's a infomercial product that actually contains the word "sham" in it...
But seriously - I know I love mine.

So it turns out that the headset dude in the Shamwows commercials, Vince Offer, actually kinda has an interesting story. Check out the whole article here.

Vince is the writer/producer/director/star of the film Underground Comedy Movie. When he began making the movie, he was a relatively new convert to the Scientology. He used his connections within the CoS’s “Celebrity Center International”, a group within the church for artist networking, to cast his film. He managed to muscle up some big A-list names like Slash from Guns n Roses, Ant, a couple of budding soft-core porn stars and Joey Buttafucco. (Being new, I guess he didn’t have access to the Xenu VIP Casting Suite where Travolta and Cruise hang out.)

Via - Stepchick

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