Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ryan Adams

ryan adams

So I went to go see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals last night at the fabulous Majestic Theater in San Antonio.

Haven seen him a few times in the past I was surprised at the lack of histrionics. But that wasn't a bad thing. He turned out a great show despite some technical issues which caused a premature break in show.

Worse, the damn bar closed early. I was livid.

Overall, I have to give it to him. He's mellowed out and the show was prolly one of the best live ones I've seen in a while. Maybe marrying Mandy Moore had something to do with it.

The audience however was way lame. Seriously, some bitch even had the nerve to scream out "Summer Of '69" which lost it's humor years ago. I also was sitting next to the most annoying damn kids who's commentary on the whole event was the most idiotic thing I have heard in years. I wanted to punch someone.

Also, at one point in the show what looked like a homeless person sat in a nearby seat. He was over ten feet away, but the stank of his presence carried. He left before to long, but that lingered. For the rest of the show. It was bad.

The band pointed it out, and I thought that this was highly amusing: So many burly deep voiced dudes were screaming "I love you Ryan!" The band and I were both entertained by this.

Despite all that, it was an awesome night.

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  1. This is just not your week. Twice you've been "livid."